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Since I gave signs of life here; but I was wondering how are my oldest watchers doing.
A lot of things happened in my life that made me stop drawing, and now that I've wanted to do it again I had an unfortunate accident with my tablet, the NIB (pencil's tip) disappeared and it's rendered useless without a replacement for it.
It's been like 3 years since I felt love for art, which sucks, because I never stopped considering myself an artist and I felt like I ripped a part of my soul when I stopped drawing. Don't get me wrong, I still sketch here and there, but nothing serious and demanding as it used to be, and that's what makes me feel empty.
Now I guess it's time to start all over because there are a lot of things I don't remember how to do, as it's obvious, but until I can't get a replacement for my tablet it's not happening.
There are a lot of big events happening in my life right now, as you know I've always had an eventful life (for the bad things) and now its a mix of the 2 (good and bad), but that's fluor from another sack, and I'm not discussing it here.
I don't think this will be a long journal explaining my trip since I disappeared, nor I think anyone will read it tbh but I landed here searching for something and thought "why not"
I'm hoping to get back to art next year, but until I feel I have a certain level don't expect to see anything from me. I want to go back to the Ran of 8 daily hours in front of a piece, the Ran of anatomy studies and practices, the Ran that loved to damn themselves with details and frustration only to learn from it.
I've changed a lot in the years I've been away from this community, a lot happened, and I became who I wanted to be, in some aspects of course, because others like art, were sort of forgotten along the way, but not completely.
You've been wondering what I've been doing since I wasn't drawing, well, I got into a professional dog training course for utility dogs and graduated, you know I've always worked with animals but now I became a "qualified professional", I've been gaming, doing some editions and got into cosplay, I still work out and I kept practicing martial arts.
I revived an old childhood love: The Sims. And I made a blog for my sims which are Shingeki no Kyojin themed, do you know SnK guys? haha, well, made them all from scratch and they're my little pride.
Broke up with my ex, thing that I don't think many of you here know but I'm so glad to be free from that toxic relationship (that's what the last drawing meant, the one with Yasu and that red cord), there's a lot coming up and a lot more changes for good in my life, I haven't given up, I've filtered people and kept a few good ones that still support me after all those years of failure.
Whatever, show must go on. I'm not dead, you can find me over tumblr or facebook even if you want, just let me know, my pages aren't at all secret but I have a little people filter for them.
How have you guys been? Specially my old buddies who I haven't spoken to in years? I've thought about you, you know who you are, say hi!
  • Mood: Tired
Hey, long time no see guys, well, I'm okay, fixed my PC and I can draw again, but I'm not quite feeling it, I can't produce a decent piece worth uploading here, however I'm back on the tracks, but I'll probably move accounts.
  • Mood: Tired

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happy birthday ;u;
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Happy Birthday, old friend. R)
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Happy birthday! I hope your planned return to art will be successful ^^
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Happy birthday!
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:squee: :party:Happy birthday! :party: :squee:
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